Renewable Energies

In one form or another, renewable energy has been in use for thousands of years. For example, our ancestors traveled around the world on nothing but wind power with sailing ships, and we now use the wind to generate electricity. At Precision Electric Group, Inc., we are committed to keeping abreast of new developments in renewable energy technology and implementing available methods into our projects. If you are looking to cut energy costs in your warehouse or office building then let us replace your traditional, high-intensity metal, halide and high-pressure sodium lamps with new, high-bay, energy-saving, fluorescent lamps and fixtures. Not only will you enjoy the improved lighting quality you'll enjoy it at half the cost of your old style lamps. Call us for an estimate on a green solution that's right for you.
PEGI is commited to offer cleaner energy to our consumers and businesses. We believe in using sun, wind and water and being part of the Renewable Energy Solution.